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Let’s get to know each other…

Everybody needs a sip of sunshine. Rio is just that — a refreshing drink jam-packed with the fruity exotic flavours of the tropics.

Welcome to the Rainforest...

In 1980, a few drink enthusiasts at Hall & Woodhouse LTD fancied a sip of the sunny side. In search of a product with purpose, they wanted to create something delicious and thirst-quenching.

Deep in the Brazilian rainforest, the perfect blend of juicy tropical fruits were growing. And our founders couldn’t get enough. With the vibrant flavours of orange, passion fruit, guava, apricot and mango, and a touch of lightly sparkling water, Rio was born.

Today, Rio has made its mark as the perfect pairing for delicious food, good times and great company.

Did you know?

Rio was originally called Arriva – based on a French word that means ‘to arrive.’ Of course, drinking Rio helps you to ‘arrive’ on the sunny side. But after a bit of brainstorming and a few variations, we wanted to honour the Brazilian roots of our flavours – creating the Rio you know today.

Forest Image

The values we pride ourselves on…

  • Positive

    We celebrate the joy in all of life’s moments

  • Grounded

    We try to source most of our fruit from South America – delivering a little slice of sunshine to the UK

  • Inclusive

    On the sunny side, everyone’s invited

  • A Family

    Welcoming you and yours to enjoy with us

Meet Geoffrey

Our ambassador to the rainforest…

Hi there, I’m Geoffrey the marmoset. You may have seen me swinging around your favourite Rio Light can or trying to sneak a sip of your Rio 1.5L bottle. My home is in Brazil, but I’ve hitched a ride on the sunny side to experience a few golden moments with you.

In the Wild